Team Information


Each team will have a coach.  This is a very important role for each team and requires *certification and training which can be done online.  Coaches need to do a club scoretable course, familisarise themselves with the RedCity Roar ‘RedCity Roar Junior Domestic Competition Rules‘ document and attend coaching training sessions offered from time to time by the club and RedCity Roar.

Coaches are committed to a season and attend weekly team training sessions and games. 

The coach may be a parent of a team member or a coach unrelated to the team. When there is an option of a parent coach over an unrelated coach, preference will normally be given to the unrelated coach. We are always looking to add to our coaching team, so if you are interested in being a coach or an assistant coach, please email [email protected].  

The club requires that all coaches 18 years old and over have a blue card.  This can be arranged through our Coach and Manager Liaison Officer by completing and submitting the following required forms –  Apply for a blue card or exemption card  

*Certification course required to be completed by coaches

Create an account on Sport Aus (AIS) through above link, complete course and email certificate to [email protected]

Other Information


Each team will have a parent manager.  The manager of the team is there to facilitate team communications between the coach and the players/parents and to foster team spirit and community connection.  The manager is a support role to the coach and will liaise with the coach for instructions and team communications and create and facilitate the team scoretable roster.  The manager will be required to complete a club scoretable course and also familiarise themselves with the RedCity Roar ‘RedCity Roar Junior Domestic Competition Rules’ document.

Any Facebook or social media pages set up for the team, must also provide full admin access to  the Coach and Manager Liaison Officer committee member.   Our Coach and Manager Liaison Officer is there to support all managers and coaches in their roles and to provide advice and guidance should any issues arise.

Facebook banners for each team as applicable (Raiders, Vikings, Warriors, Victors) can be downloaded from here

Scoretable Duties

Scoretable is a necessary function of any basketball game.  The 2 scoretable roles are required to be filled by parents/players for each team – 1 person per team, per game. Doing scoretable duties on a rostered basis is a requirement of being in a team and needs to be done by a competent person.  Scoretable club courses are run at the start of each season.

If the parent/guardian (or player) is unable to do their rostered scoretable duties, they may choose to pay to have their turns done by a club scoretable official (depending on availability) and only if arranged in advance.  Please speak to your team manager if you would like to take this option.

Quick Guides

Please go to Regulations and read the ‘Junior Club Competition Game Rules Summary’ and the ‘Club Scoretable Brochure’

Ball Sizes

There are balls designed for indoor use and those for outdoor use.  It is best not to use an indoor ball outside at all as this will ruin its grip.  Any brand of ball is fine for training.

Note: Molten is the ball that is used for Basketball Queensland Competitions. Molten BG4000 balls are preferred; however other Molten balls are permitted in competition games provided the outer surface of the ball is made of premium composite leather.

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