Uniforms & Merchandise

All players are required to purchase our uniform (reversible numbered singlet and single sided shorts – compulsory) and wear them to all games.

We have a standard uniform for boys and girls and also the option for girls to choose from the girls uniform which has a shaped singlet and slimmer fit, shorter length shorts.

We wear the black side of our singlets when we are the ‘Home’ team (first team listed on the draw) and the white side of our singlets when we are the ‘Away’ team (second team listed on the draw).

Please note:
  • Roar Ready singlets provided in the schools program are only allowed to be worn for 1 game if a player is attending their try-out game. A uniform will be required to be purchased to officially join a team.
  • It is generally not possible to select a preferred number as we have to carefully manage numbers to try ensure that there are no team or age group number clashes.
Warm up shirts are a voluntary addition to the uniform and are not compulsory.
We also have supporter shirts for sale and are available for anyone to purchase.

All our products are printed using dye sublimation, creating a quality, long lasting product on a Microfit breathable lightweight fabric.

We do a bulk order at the start of each season and only hold a limited amount of stock.  

For uniform enquires please email:

[email protected] 

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